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Xevious (68K)

This is a transcode from the original arcade game (multiple Z80s) to 68K assembly.

The original GAME and SUB CPU ROMs were disassembled and reverse-engineered. Then the code was transcoded line-by-line to 68K assembly. The 'core' code is platform-agnostic and calls out to an operating system dependent (OSD) layer written for each target platform.

The original target is the Neo Geo (AES/MVS/CD). It runs in 'tate' mode.

Subsequent targets include the AGA Amiga.

In theory the core can be ported easily to any 68K target that can support the resolution, number of sprites (performance) and palette.


The core transcode is 100% complete. One "last" gameplay bug to be confirmed.

The Neo Geo target is playable with sound on an emulator and also on real hardware (tested on an AES with NeoSD cartridge and NGCD). Beta1 has been released (https://tcdev.itch.io/xevious).

The Amiga target is completed & received small optimizations.


- game play is identical to the original arcade game, including the pseudo-random

  number generation

- original dipswitch options supported (except cocktail cabinet mode)

- all original graphics and colours reproduced perfectly on Neo Geo target

- 1 or 2 players supported

- high score load/save


- Mark McDougall (aka tcdev): reverse-engineering, core and Neo Geo code and assets

- Jean-Francois Fabre (aka jotd): Amiga code and assets

- Andrzej Dobrowolski (aka no9): Amiga music

- Namco: original game :)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Xevious1200_ADF.zip 335 kB
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Very nice arcade conversion! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:21:59. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Just something I noticed @JOTD666 - It does not work if you boot from DF1: - I have a GoTek on DF1: and when I boot from that it gets me to the screen asking which version to run (F1, F2...) and then pops up a prompt asking for a disk in DF0:
I run floppies images, including your Pacman, Scramble and Ms. Pac Man off of DF1: all the time. Maybe an easy fix?

fixed in the new release

Thanks for the nice port. Any chance to add support for one button joysticks? It would be cool to be able to drop bombs on ground targets with a long press of the fire button, or maybe with the space bar?

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long press is going to be impossible/unplayable. But I wish I had added support for extra key before the game is completed. We'll see.

Edit: now space can drop bombs, and so can control or shift IIRC

I was playing the Atari 2600 version of Xevious last night and it has a cool solution. Holding down the button is autofire, but release and press fires and bombs. It actually works pretty well!

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This is wonderful, and seems to have a significantly improved framerate over the last beta. Super Xevious works fine for me, unlike TjLaZer's experience, but I've noticed two small and insignificant bugs when running on Amiberry. 

When playing Super Xevious the "Super" is missing from the title screen (even though it's shown in the video on this page), and when playing either game I don't get the credit sound on adding the first credit, only on the second and subsequent credits.

Neither of these are at all important but I thought you'd want to know about them anyway just in case. This is a superb port, and one I would have dreamed of back in the day. Compared to the version that came out for the Atari ST it's almost comical. Well done to both of you.

Super Xevious mode not working on this final version.  Worked on previous one.

it's the "super" text that's missing, but apart from that it works. It's just that the games are so similar that it's hard to tell the difference

Hell Yeh!!

A direct comparison, great job!!!

excellent video! you notice that this version still is 50Hz, but the next update will be 50Hz with 60Hz speed to match arcade speed. It was already super hard without that, I know.

Indeed, it was slower and at some point there were no bullets like the arcade.

There is no problem though, the port is AWESOME!!!

Amazing port. Is there any way of accessing Super Xevious in the ADF version?

ATM it's manual but yes. Just edit startup sequence and use "SUPER" argument.

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I don't know what "edit startup sequence" means :(

(But happy to wait for the final release.)

Super Xevious -great game!

as you see there's very little to none difference until area 8 (besides the title!)

looking forward for a "squeezed" ecs a500 version! ;)

Oh not sure it's going to happen. The colors would look like crap, it would require 1MB with crap sound to save memory. Well, maybe, but it could be disappointing.

I suspect it may need the extra sprite bandwidth of AGA

yes, specially for big boss, also because it saves 5 unique colors for those sprites.

Was any tool used to make reverse engineering easier?

MAME was used a lot to know what's going on when game is running.

very good

Awesome game!

(1 edit) (+1)

And... How do you start the game? Tried it on my Amiga 1200 and on WinUAE and it just plays through the demo screen and no button or key seems to start the game...

OK - got the answer on EAB. hitting "5" adds a coin and the "1" or "2" starts a one or two player game. This really needs to be posted here on the game page.

Yeah I figured it out as well cause seems to be like MAME emulator where F5 inserts coin and 1 - 2 starts 1 - 2 Player game