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# tetris

transcode of Atari Tetris arcade version for 68020/AGA amiga


- jotd: 6502 to 68000 conversion

- DanyPPC & Pascal: icon

Music is kind of emulated, missing some drums & sfx but really good.

Now released. A few changes so the game is smoother (optimized tile draw a bit further)

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TagsAmiga, Arcade, Cult Classic


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Tetris1200_ADF.zip 149 kB
tetris1200_HD.lha 249 kB


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Hello Jotd,

we hope you doing great. I am Areeba Malik (aka Titania) from the BrewOtaku-Team, we are launching our first homebrew gaming magazine soon. We loved your work and we have mentioned your game “Tetris” in our very first issue.

Please share your contact details if you would like to have a digital copy of our magazine. As we intend to sell the magazine at a very affordable price, you would need to keep it confidential for you only, of course you would get a free copy.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Areeba Malik (Titania)

[Social media manager]


negoify Pvt. Ltd.

c/o BrewOtaku

21 km Ferozpur Road Near Hakim Chowk

54600 Lahore


Excellent! Congrats!

I can't believe it, I waited all my life for this port :D

Excellent Tetris to Amiga, thank you. I also added it to my "Gameplay of New Amiga Games from January 2024" -video too.

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Very nice arcade conversion. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 04:01:43. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

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Nicely done!
But is it too late to ask for new gameplay features/improvements?

you can report bugs. A new version will be released with some bugfixes

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Thanks for your response!
I do find the Gameboy Tetris to be the topmost Tetris in my opinion.. mainly because of the way it randomizes the pieces.
Would you be able to copy the piece randomizer from it?
Some had said it uses a 2 bag (14 piece) shuffler, but while playing the GameBoy version I was writing down the pieces that appeared so I see it uses an algorithm. Here is a list I made of the amount of pieces I got while playing for a couple of minutes.

7 x O
3 x L
4 x J
11 x S
5 x Z
6 x I
9 x T

This tells me there is no 14 piece shuffler or even 24 piece shuffler. 

Digging around about this I found this article which explains how the Gameboy randomizer works. 

Would you be interested in adding this randomizer or perhaps applying it to a future development?

that's the kind of feature that could be mixed in the game without too much hassle.

If you are interested in adding this feature then that will be just awesome!! This was like it was destined for you, I believe nobody else would have understood it better!! Cant wait to see it!

I was playing in 2p mode, seems both players get a different random seed.. it does happen that they get the same from time to time.. but could there be possible an option or have them to always get the same pieces so its a fair competition?

Good game!

very good

Just wnted to drop in and let you know I did a video covering your work here. Quite impressive, I look forward to more updates on this and to see how much it improves.

Gameplay - beta 5

Excellent thank you!


very good

Great idea, looking forward to playing it.  Sadly having trouble loading it on an A1200 (emulated).
Are there specific settings required on WinUAE and / or is there a specific setup required in terms of RAM/CPU/ROM/FPU ? 
For such a "basic" game it would be nice to have a stock A500, kick 1.3, 1MB version :) not sure if that is something you are considering.
Thanks for your work!

fixed a somehow original game bug that only triggered on slow machine. I tested it on slow machines where it used to crash and now it runs great

The technology involved doesn't allow anything non-AGA, so no A500 sorry