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Wow.  I Am impressed!

Gorgeous work - both with the graphics and the audio. It's simply ... perfect.

The inevitable questions:

1) Am I correct in understanding this is PAL-only? 

2) Any plans for a 2-player mode, or are you done?

Again - bravo! 


This is PAL only because it requires all the height. Remember this is originally a portrait game.

2 player mode could be done but that adds some extra complexity (start 1 or 2 player mode, reworking scores/levels). There are really a few / none amiga games (including arcade ports) that support this alternative 2 player mode.

Great work, thanks. Any way to run it from the HDD?

If you use software like Disk Mimic (or comparable, depending on your machine) you can load the ADF file, stored on your hard drive. Never has to be put on a physical disk unless one prefers that route. Of course some folk use GoTeks to just run ADFs, too, but a software solution like Disk Mimic can get you there. 

just copy "pacman" on your hard drive. There's also a whdload slave so no need to degrade display/vbr/etc.

thank you 🙂

Updated with bugfixes as zipped .adf

merci pour cette conversion d'un classique des bornes d'arcade !

Je te souhaite une belle journée.