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# moon patrol

transcode of Moon Patrol arcade version for 68000 machines


- jotd: Z80 to 68000 conversion, amiga graphics conversion, amiga sound effects

- no9: amiga music

- ross: help with AGA version and hardware scrolling. Big Kudos!!

- http://www.computerarcheology.com/Arcade/MoonPatrol/ help with reverse-engineering

  (merged their comments & variable names after having started my RE)

- PascalDe73: icon

- mrv2k: boxart

- DamienD: floppy menu

Amiga version (OCS):

- runs on 512K chip/512k fast OCS 68000 Amiga, 25 fps (some slowdowns to expect at times)

- adapted "low detail" graphics, no blue mountain background
- low sound quality

- no whdload (no need, as it is designed to run on a 1MB OCS machine)

Amiga version (ECS):

- runs on 1MB ECS 68000 Amiga, 25 fps (some slowdowns to expect at times)

- Uses AGA fast DMA mode if found and runs at 50fps on AGA+fastmem

- adapted "low detail" graphics, but will display extra background layer

  if run on a 68020+

- higher sound quality

Amiga version (AGA):

- runs on vanilla A1200 at 50 fps, with smooth scrolling layers

- original colors & graphics

- highest sound quality


- joystick left/right: brake/accelerate

- joystick fire: fire

- joystick up/2nd button: jump

To start a game (when game not running):

- insert coin: fire/5

- start/continue game (1 player): up/1

- start/continue game (2 players): down/2

Cheat keys:

- F1: complete section

- F2: complete level

- F4: toggle invincibility

Updated 8 days ago
TagsAmiga, Arcade, Cult Classic


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mpatrol_HD.lha 1 MB
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Very nice Arcade conversion, especially the A1200 version. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:29:01. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Very good, just like the original arcade game. I also added this to my "Gameplay of New Amiga Games from March 2024" -video.


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can´t get it to run on pistorm (disk and whdload). scrambled graphics here.

On terriblefire536 same problem. It starts, but crashes after 1 min.. Any help ? someone ?

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can you try the new version? There was a big bug for ECS machines


new version is working :) thx a lot 

ADF version is still crashing after 1 min, sometimes it doesn´t boot.  WHD version runs fine on Pistorm and TF536 (ECS System)

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On which system/chipeset are you running the ADF? BTW if you can run with whdload I suggest that to stick to it as it has many splash screen options.

Hi, I have tested version from April1  on 2 Amiga Systems:

1. Amiga 500PAL, ECS,  Pi-storm, 2MB Chip, 300MB Fast, Kick3.1 

>> ADF Crashes with borderblank error on boot

>> WHDLoad works perfect

2. Amiga 500 NTSC, ECS, Terrible Fire 68030, 1MB Chip, 64MB Fast, Kick 3.1.4 

>> ADF crashes after menu (Trainer etc)

>> WHDLOAD forced to PAL works perfect


BTW Nice conversation.. thank. you .. just want to help you with bugfixes .....

Please upload this to Aminet so that every Amiga user can enjoy it (unfortunately, itch.io refuses to work using a lot of Amiga web browsers). Thanks!


This could help you and others:


cool :) thanks