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# donkey kong

transcode of Donkey Kong arcade version for Amiga


- jotd: Z80 to Amiga 68000 conversion

- no9: Amiga remade tunes

- Jeff Willms, Kef Schecter, anon: Z80 reverse engineering

- Mark (tcdev): graphics extraction


- 100% identical game

- high score save

- level sequence selection (US/europe)

- kill screen fix (level 22)

Updated 9 days ago
Published 29 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsArcade, cult


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DonkeyKong500_adf.zip 259 kB
donkey_kong_HD.lha 669 kB


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Great game, thanks. I've played this a lot. I also included it in my February 2024 New Games On Amiga video.

If it can't be switched, is a standalone separate ADF version with the Japan/Europe level order possible at all?

Awesome - last version!

Tried running this on MiSTer FPGA. Works great over all. I've only tried the ADF file. Couple things...

This only works on PAL mode. Could not get it to work on NTSC. when trying play it NTSC the game locks at the with 1UP and L=00 at the top of the screen. 

The game plays fine a1200 mode 68020/AGA/PAL/2M+384M. but the sprite layering off.  On the cement factory screen (aka pie factory), the top ladders will layer on top of Mario. 

When playing in A500 mode 68000/OCS-A500/PAL/2M+8M, the cement factory screen  glitches and slows down. 

Other then that, a great translation!

Thanks for your comment. The game can't work with NTSC, too many lines to display... I fixed the ladder issue, as a bonus pie factory level should be slightly faster.

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Once again a very nice arcade conversion! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 04:21:26. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Hey @jotd, the game works great on my PiStorm600 equipped Amiga 600 when booting from floppy. However two things:

It gets stuck on the "newshell" window, but if I press <return> the game appears.

The other thing is that the floppy drive LED stays lit all the time.

Other than that, perfect!

I have no notifications about new releases.

At least, I check this page frequently.

you can follow me, you'll get notifications (I think)

I am following you for months, maybe year :-)

ADF not working with real hardware running KS3.2.2 but does run fine when run from hard disk (once icon info typo has been corrected) from KS3.2.2, WB3.2.2.1 and PiStorm32-lite (Amiga 1200). No slowdown on Pie Factory either.

Suggestion: can you add a folder icon info to the lha archive please?

Have you tried pressing enter/return when it  appears to be stuck while loading?


Very nice! Please consider uploading the LhA-archive to Aminet, so all Amiga users can enjoy it. Thanks!

Excellent work as usual JOTD!

Nice work. Is there any chance of including the Japanese level order, which was also the one normally found in Europe?

Not sure if this is possible easily. Why not though.

You only need to change the order in the level order table!

:C11899 01 04 01 03 04 01 02 03 04 01 02 01 03 04 01 02

:C118A9 01 03 01 04 7F FF 00 FF FF FE FE FE FE FE FE FE

change to:

:C11899 01 02 03 04 01 02 03 04 01 02 03 04 01 02 03 04

:C118A9 01 02 03 04 7F FF 00 FF FF FE FE FE FE FE FE FE 

For the ladder cheat stage 1 (also Japan Version):

00C17A9E MOVE.B D1,D0

00C17AA0 SUBQ.B #5,D0

00C17AA2 MOVE.B D0,$0017(A2)

00C17AAG MOVE.B $0001282A(PC),D0

00C17AAA BEQ.S $00C17fiF8

00C17AAC MOVE.B $00C12GE7(PC),D0

00C17AB0 SUBQ.B #4,D0   ;change to SUB.B #$10

00C17AB2 CMP.B D3,D0

00C17AB4 BCC.S $00C17AB8

00017ABB RTS

00C17AB8 MOVE.B $00012862(PC),D0


Thanks for this Version! Great work. 

Japanese level order is available since yesterday. I don't know about any japanese level cheat. The source of the game is available, can you post a PR on github instead than raw absolute address disassembly? Can you explain what it is?

(3 edits)

I 've downloaded the ADF again, but it is still the US Version. Is there a key to change mode?

On the Japanese version, a Barrel cannot drop down a ladder while Jumpman is on it (upper third).

The change form SUBQ.B #4,D0 to SUB.B #$10,D0 make this possible. You can compare the MAME ROMS to check it.

// original Z80 assembly code of the subroutine US Ver.

2178 3A4863 LD A,(#6348) ; get status of the oil can fire

217B A7 AND A ; is the fire lit ?

217C CAB221 JP Z,#21B2 ; no, always take ladders before oil is lit

217F 3A0562 LD A,(#6205) ; else load A with Mario's Y position + 5

2182 D604 SUB #04 ; subtract 4

2184 BA CP D ; is the barrel already below or same level as Mario ?

2185 D8 RET C ; yes, return without taking ladder


The japanese level order is only available from whdload ATM. I have to add a CLI option. Which requires ADF to be altered...

The ladder "cheat" is indeed an interesting add to the 4-level version as it's not a cheat, it's an original modification for "Crazy Kong" to make game easier. Now, I very well remember that when you were just under the barrel, you were 100% safe.


YES! JOTD is the man. I will be streaming this today while wearing my Donkey Kong shirt. Thanks to JOTD we will have an 80's arcade on our Amigas!

This is amazing. Thank you for creating this. This is the third transcode of Donkey Kong I've seen. The first was for the Coco 3, second was for the NES, and now for the Amiga, amazing. I hope we see more transcodes for other systems too.

A lot of pleasure ! Thanks


This is cool. Gonna give it a shot on MIST.

Nice !!! the ADF version doesn´t work on Kick3.2 on 68030 system

WHDLOAD works after renaming the Slave to DonkeyKong ..

( there is an error in Icon tooltypes) 

Amazing work! Thank you! 

Fantastic! Thank you!

WOW direct transcode from the arcade? Nice job! Can't wait to test it :)